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Slots Strategies By a Slots Champion

Yes, you heard me

Norway is cold. That’s why Norwegians love to spend time indoors. As much as you see Norwegians win one ski race after the other, those are the crazy ones. The sane ones stay in the warmth.

I have played slots since the early days of the Internet. And believe me when I say they looked quite different back then. Since then, I have won no less than 15 regular top jackpots and two progressive ones on slots. Sure, I have played a lot, and lost a lot. The very fact that I have a net plus result playing slots is of course mainly due to luck. For take one of those progressive ones away, and I would be in the red. But I am ahead, and that’s what counts. But apart from luck, I would never have accomplished this feat had it not been due to slots bonuses. They are what keep slots going. They are the very reason why I keep coming back for more. Slots bonuses are free money. Free tokens and free spins for me to hit that third progressive jackpot. For as the saying goes, the third time’s the charm! That’s why I keep on chasing.

What I personally look for when choosing a slot – and having millions and millions of spins on my online casino CV – are the following things.

Slots variety. The best online casinos around are the ones with the greatest variety of slots. There are so many kinds of slots on the market today that the good old FOMO – fear of missing out – quickly kicks in. Yet, within a good variety you will always find supreme options.

High slots RTP. Naturally, whenever you have, say, 25-100 different slots at your disposal, one of the mandatory boxes I personally need to tick is the highest RTP payouts. The higher, the greater my chances of winning. Any seasoned slots player will say the same. RTP is the name of survival. Some set their minimum level at 96 or 97. Personally, I wouldn’t even touch a slots machine with an RTP less than 99. The difference may not sound much, yet an RTP of 99 will make your money last 4 times longer than one of 96!

Bonuses. If a high RTP is the backbone of slots, then the very name of the slots game spells bonuses. Assume you have an RTP of 99 or higher and you get thrown at you a nice 200 percent bonus sign-up match, then statistically you are set to profit. And throw those progressive jackpots to the mix and you might just be in for that surprise of a lifetime, as was I. And speaking of progressive jackpots …

Progressive jackpots. Progressive slots jackpots are a bunch of slots all wired together (figuratively speaking, that is), and where a tiny piece of each bet goes towards a big communal jackpot. Such jackpots tend to balloon out of proportions. That’s when I wake up. That’s when the good old Norwegian troll leaves the warmth and comfort of his home to go mine for gold. Hehe.

Free spins. Yep, free spins is a type of bonus, but it is still different enough to warrant a section of its own. Free spins can come with different, and often more lucrative, terms and conditions than regular bonuses. If you are a zealous slots player, then free spins are just that: free!

My point is rather straight forward: Don’t just settle with the first slots that come your way. Be at least a tiny bit picky and you will quickly notice a big difference in how long your money lasts. For those five minutes of slots research in order to distinguish one single casino slots selection can make a world of a difference. And this applies whether you play to maximize your jackpot chances, or if you play merely for fun. For if you play for fun, why wouldn’t you want to make sure that fun lasts as long as possible? If someone sells you a back rub for $50, wouldn’t you rather take the one hour session than the 15-minute one if the price is the same anyway? Exactly, so what’s then different with slots?

Tore Olsen Lunnemark

Two time progressive jackpot winner and slots millionaire



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